Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Food Supplies to Slum dwellers - World Food Day 2018


Sequel to our vivid observation on how children living in the slum do starve, and how most children are highly malnourished which affects their poor performance in school,

We initiated the DFTS FOOD BANK where we started a daily feeding plan so as to encourage the children to remain in school and learn.

We observed that majority of the children living in the slum go to school without breakfast because they are either from a no income or low income family hence their parents’ inability to meet their very basic needs especially feeding.

This has made more children to miss school and end up dropping out of school.

We believe that when children feed well, they will be equipped to learn better and this is why through DFTS Food Bank we commemorated World Food Day 2018.

World Food Day which is a day of action dedicated to tackling global hunger; our commitment is to eradicate hunger starting from our local community by providing food items to 20 families in the slum.

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