Saturday, 18 February 2017

Celebrating the Power of Words

                     WORLD READ ALOUD DAY 2017

To commemorate 2017 World Read Aloud Day, dreams from the slum initiative hosted children living in slum communities in Lagos, Oyo and Ogun State on the 16th of February through the different state co-ordinators and volunteers.

 The sessions were filled with so much fun and the children learnt new words.
The theme of the read aloud which is "Celebrating the power of Words" was an avenue for the children not just to learn new words added to their vocabularies but for them to know the meaning of such words.

The children were taught new words and their meanings, they made examples and learnt to use the words in sentences. Thereafter, they read aloud to each other. It was an illuminating experience for them as they learnt to properly pronounce words as seen in the novel titled ''Back at school"

The story teaches obedience and the children learnt that always being obedient to their elders brings God's blessings. They also learnt about the importance of reading everyday not just on word read aloud day and they recited and memorised the mantra "Always develop a reading habit".

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