Saturday, 2 December 2017

Giving Tuesday for Children,Teenage momthers in Ajegunle

To commemorate #givingtuesday2017 which is a global day of action and an antidote to the Christmas sales, after Black Friday which seeks to encourages people to do good stuff for others, Dreams from the Slum Initiative & PadMan Initiative of the Giving Garage collaborated with the Ajegunle Community to celebrate the Global Day of Giving. 

The event which featured a special read aloud session for children and a reception for teenage girls and mothers was facilitated by Ajegunle Queen of the Run way “Benny Tontonye” and Dreams from the Slum Administrator “Onyinyechi Okechi”.

The readaloud session with the children opined their eyes to certain values they should have as children and to have empathy on others; while the reception that hosted 30 teenage girls and mothers enlightened them on their health and hygiene as majority of the girls live in the slum.

They were also taught how to make use of sanitary pads because some of them has never used a pad before
 (They use clothes when they are ON) because they cant afford it.
They also got extra pads to give to their family or a friend as a way of teaching them to GIVE .

Friday, 22 September 2017

Health & hygiene Education for Children in Ajegunle

No matter how dirty a child is, he/she still has a future - Isaac Success Omoyele (founder, Dreams from the slum)

#ItStartsWithMe is a campaign centered on educating the public on good infection control and personal hygiene. An initiative of DRASA targeted towards young people in Nigeria through school outreach programmes.

A number of environmental factors influence the spread of infectious diseases including water supply, food sources, and sanitation facilities. Good hygiene – particularly hand hygiene – is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent the spread of diseases including diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, hepatitis A, and typhoid (United Nations). Yet, in Nigeria 68% of the population has no access to a toilet and more than two thirds of the population don’t have access to adequate sanitation (Wateraid). In these communities, people are at high risk of spreading and dying from infectious diseases.
In a collaborated effort with Dreams from the Slum Initiative, it was hosted in Araromi Community Slum in Ajegunle and 220 school children learnt practices as quick, simple and extremely effective ways to remove germs , avoid illness and prevent the spread of diseases.
Through a practical demonstration, they also learnt how bacteria and viruses spread and they were taught how to properly wash their hands and educated on the importance of good personal hygiene for maintaining their health.


Hope rises for Parents as #SmartInSchool Project kits 100 Ajegunle children

A new academic session (2017/2018) commenced and loads of children living in the slum couldn’t resume school and this cause an increase in the high number of out of school children in Nigeria.
 Dreams from the Slum Initiative took action to inspire hope and smiles on the faces of children living in the slum as school items were donated.

Some parents who had no hope of sending their children back to school for the new session expressed their heart felt gratitude as 100 children in Araromi Community received back to school materials such as
School Uniforms
Text Books
Biros etc.

One moment of the Back to school outreach that got us inspired was when a parent came saying we just took away disgrace from her as she didn't have any idea on how the children will go to school because she had no plan, but giving her kids everything they need for school could have only been by Gods mercy and grace .
We are grateful to all our partners, supporters, ambassadors and volunteers whoose contribution made the outreach successful.
We welcome you to also support our work  by donating online via
Or via bank transfer: Diamond Bank - 0069202293 - Dreams from the slum
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Friday, 4 August 2017

Creative Learning In The Slum

 Every child has seeds of greatness in them, and no doubt they are all unique being. A child born in the slum also has great and valid dreams. They may be born in the slum but the slum is not born inside of them.

This inspired a collaborated effort between two Global Youth Ambassador based in Nigeria  “Isaac success Omoyele and Olowo Omotoke”.

Isaac is the founder of Dreams from the slum, an initiative that runs an education centre in the slum to help reduce the number of out of school children and ensuring children are in school and learning through creative learning approach via arts and multi media.

Olowo Omotoke founder at “The Autism Awareness Place” she has vast experience in creative learning approach haven worked with organizations for children with special need.

This birthed the Creative Learning In The Slum to creatively engage the minds of children in Ajegunle( A slum community in Lagos, Nigeria) to be able to identify alphabets better and know how to spell words.
The children explore the beauty of arts as they engaged in fingers painting  which signifies visions and dreams in their mind written in the Sand of time and a making them realize that education is their right.

They made beautiful collage of fish, apple,umbrella,house, and was able to spell and better pronounce this words.