Thursday, 21 July 2016

I want to become a lawyer so i can defend women who are abused -Mbanugo Gift Oluchi

 Mbanugo Gift Oluchi got her Testimonial out of Primary school

Mbanugo Gift Oluchis’ parents got separated when she was about 7years old. Then she was at her village in Delta State.
As a child, she was involved in child labor so as to feed and cater for her school needs before she dropped out of school.
Oluchi was out of school for over 2years and this affected her self worth and esteem as a child. She found it extremely difficult to communicate, read or wrtie.
According to her, she never thought she would be opportuned to be educated again.

 She was brought into the city of Lagos by her uncle and spent over 6months in the city without being enrolled into a school because her uncle she lived with couldnt afford her educational needs.

Oluchi was enrolled into school by Dreams from the slum team and provided with her educational needs such as uniform,notebooks and text books, bags etc.
According to Oluchi, she never thought she would be able to further her education.

Now Oluchi hopes and dream of becoming a Lawyer is possible.

According to her ' I want to be a lawyer so i can defend women who are being just like what my mother experienced.
She just graduated from Primary School and preparing to further her secondary school education with help from dreams from the slum initiative.

Gift was live on Inspiration FM
Through dreams from the slum Initiative, Mbanugo Gift Oluchi has been exposed to sound mentorship, and has gone to places she has always dreamt of visiting i.e. She was live on Inspiration FM sharing her story and urging other kids not to give up hope when faced with challenges. 

Dreams from the slum initiative is committed in our approach in ensuring vulnerable children are in school and learning.
We've many other children living in remote and desolate community slum whoose dream of we hope to make become a reality via access to basic primary education.

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Friday, 8 July 2016

Solar Lamps for Vulnerable Children

The Best Student in SS1 *Oluwa Snr School

The Project Reward Excellence, an initiative set up to create awareness on clean energy sources and also reward outstanding students with solar reading lamps was inspired by the state of the nation where children from low income homes have to make use of candle and kerosene lantern to read.
The team came in contact with 16years old SS2 student named Best who slept off while studying at night with candle and got her long healthy hair burnt.
16yrs old Best happily received the solar lamp

On the 4th July, 2016, Dreams from the Slum initiative in collaboration with Post Graduate students of the University of Ibadan (Centre for Petroleum Energy Economics and Law) rewarded student that are outstanding academically in 9 public secondary schools at Tolu Complex Ajegunle and a private school with Solar Reading Lamps as it is believed that this will reflect positively in their academics hereby encourage other students to study hard in their forth coming examination.

According to the Project Director, Ayotomiwa Alabi; When power fails, we want our students to have healthier, cleaner and brighter alternatives to study with. We want to discourage the use of candle stick and kerosene lantern which produces poor quality light and emits Green House Gas (GHG) which according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) endangers our health and environment.

The Founding Executive Director of Dreams from the Slum, Omoyele Isaac success took out time to inspire the students towards academic excellence while Engr. Opaluwa Enebi  enlightened them on energy resources citing solar energy and demonstrating how it works.