Saturday, 20 August 2016

Healing Through Art: Hope for a Stable future for IDPs

In celebration of World Humanitarian Day, The International Coalition for the Eradication of Hunger and Abuse, (ICEHA), in partnership with Dreams From The Slum Initiative launched ICEHA’s Healing Through Art program benefitting internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in Kirikiri Town Lagos. The program uses art to help identify and assist displaced persons suffering posttraumatic stress disorders, pain, fear, anger, and violence. Participants were comprised of children, teenagers, youths , men and women mostly from the Northeastern states of Adamawa, Borno, Yobe, and Taraba states who were displaced as a result of the Boko Haram insurgency.

Speaking with ArewaDaily, Amina Mallam who escaped the Boko Haram kidnappers in Chibok, shared her memories of the event. "It was very scary, I was very afraid, and there was nothing I could do. For over a year now I don't know the whereabouts of my parents, I had to escape for my life." She said, sobbing
Another displaced person, Barrister Danjuma who cares for the IDPs, reflected on the Healing Through Art event, "we've not been shown love this way before, we've had series of visits in the past by various organizations but this one is different." He thanked ICEHA and Dreams from the Slum Initiative for the extraordinary love and acceptance shown to them.
ICEHA's International Arts Director, Mr. Kunle Adewale, stated the Healing Through Art summer camp will run for four weeks and will include economic empowerment for the women, educational support for the children and skills acquisitions for the men. He also hinted that a follow-up strategy is already in place to monitor progress and build trust.
Mr. Adewale added, "Healing Through Art is designed to help victims of violent attacks overcome their emotional wounds and stop the perpetuation of violence from one generation to the next. And unless the underlying psychological afflictions are addressed, the cycle of violence will not stop."

Currently, the IDPs in Kirikiri Town live in makeshift apartments and uncompleted buildings. Mr. Omoyele Isaac Success, Founder, Dreams From The Slum Initiative lamented that easy access by well-spirited individuals and NGOs to provide relief and support have been unsuccessful due to government bureaucracies making it difficult to locate many of the displaced persons and reintegrate them back into society.
About Healing Through Art
Healing Through Art is designed to help victims of violent attacks overcome their emotional wounds and stop the perpetuation of violence from one generation to the next. Although the humanitarian community has banded together to provide food, shelter, education, and some possibility of hope for a stable future for these victims, such efforts cannot truly create sustainable change in peoples’ lives unless they also address the deep psychological traumas created by these events.

 Healing Through Art (HTA) not only provides art, music, and theater supplies to refugee camps and settlements, but provides in-depth training to the volunteers and mentors who execute the program on the ground. These mentors, including social activists and professional writers, painters, teachers, and other artists, are trained in the art techniques as well as methods for screening program participants (survivors) with the goal of identifying those who are in need of further psychological support.

ICEHA is an NGO registered in the United States and Nigeria. They currently assist vulnerable children in six African countries. They have been working in Nigeria since 2015 delivering food, medical treatment, clothing, school supplies, computers, teacher salaries, student scholarships, empowerment training and supplies, Healing Through Art, and other programs to help vulnerable children and their families. The majority of their work in Nigeria has focused on IDPs.

About Dreams From the Slum Initiative
Dreams from the Slum reaches out to the most vulnerable children living in remote and desolate community slums across Africa.
Part of the initiative mission is to adopt out of school children back into school, providing educational support, mentorship and empowerment across Africa since inception in 2013 in order to make the dreams of poor children come true.
The commitment of the orgqanization has been to making the dreams of maerginalised children become a reality via three pronged approach on Education, Empowerment and sound Mentorship.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

I want to become a lawyer so i can defend women who are abused -Mbanugo Gift Oluchi

 Mbanugo Gift Oluchi got her Testimonial out of Primary school

Mbanugo Gift Oluchis’ parents got separated when she was about 7years old. Then she was at her village in Delta State.
As a child, she was involved in child labor so as to feed and cater for her school needs before she dropped out of school.
Oluchi was out of school for over 2years and this affected her self worth and esteem as a child. She found it extremely difficult to communicate, read or wrtie.
According to her, she never thought she would be opportuned to be educated again.

 She was brought into the city of Lagos by her uncle and spent over 6months in the city without being enrolled into a school because her uncle she lived with couldnt afford her educational needs.

Oluchi was enrolled into school by Dreams from the slum team and provided with her educational needs such as uniform,notebooks and text books, bags etc.
According to Oluchi, she never thought she would be able to further her education.

Now Oluchi hopes and dream of becoming a Lawyer is possible.

According to her ' I want to be a lawyer so i can defend women who are being just like what my mother experienced.
She just graduated from Primary School and preparing to further her secondary school education with help from dreams from the slum initiative.

Gift was live on Inspiration FM
Through dreams from the slum Initiative, Mbanugo Gift Oluchi has been exposed to sound mentorship, and has gone to places she has always dreamt of visiting i.e. She was live on Inspiration FM sharing her story and urging other kids not to give up hope when faced with challenges. 

Dreams from the slum initiative is committed in our approach in ensuring vulnerable children are in school and learning.
We've many other children living in remote and desolate community slum whoose dream of we hope to make become a reality via access to basic primary education.

Support our cause by calling +2348064222169 or send your donations to

Account name: Dreams from the slum

Account no:0069202293

Bank: Diamond Bank

Every child is your child!!!

Friday, 8 July 2016

Solar Lamps for Vulnerable Children

The Best Student in SS1 *Oluwa Snr School

The Project Reward Excellence, an initiative set up to create awareness on clean energy sources and also reward outstanding students with solar reading lamps was inspired by the state of the nation where children from low income homes have to make use of candle and kerosene lantern to read.
The team came in contact with 16years old SS2 student named Best who slept off while studying at night with candle and got her long healthy hair burnt.
16yrs old Best happily received the solar lamp

On the 4th July, 2016, Dreams from the Slum initiative in collaboration with Post Graduate students of the University of Ibadan (Centre for Petroleum Energy Economics and Law) rewarded student that are outstanding academically in 9 public secondary schools at Tolu Complex Ajegunle and a private school with Solar Reading Lamps as it is believed that this will reflect positively in their academics hereby encourage other students to study hard in their forth coming examination.

According to the Project Director, Ayotomiwa Alabi; When power fails, we want our students to have healthier, cleaner and brighter alternatives to study with. We want to discourage the use of candle stick and kerosene lantern which produces poor quality light and emits Green House Gas (GHG) which according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) endangers our health and environment.

The Founding Executive Director of Dreams from the Slum, Omoyele Isaac success took out time to inspire the students towards academic excellence while Engr. Opaluwa Enebi  enlightened them on energy resources citing solar energy and demonstrating how it works.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

From Nylon bag into a Good School Bag.

We observed some children that attends Evergreen Nursery and Primary School in Ajaokuta Kogi state Nigeria going to school with Nylon bags instead of school bags and we decided to do something about it as we strongly believe that when children lacl their basic educational materials it affects their academic performance and self esteem.

We provided School bags for the children which was presented to them as their children's day gift.


One amazing statement one of the kids made " I am glad I have a school bag now like my classmates and mine is finer than theirs sef".
Success sunday excited with his new school bag

We are grateful to our highly esteemed partners , supporters , volunteers and team @dreamsfromtheslum.

Together let's make the Dreams of children living in remote and desolate communities become a reality.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Childrens Day Special for Slum Kids

Lateef Bello on the boat heading home

Every year on the 27th of May is children's day celebration in Nigeria. It is a day set aside for the Nigerian Child to celebrate their uniqueness, engage in different fun activities with the aim of enjoying themselves.

Tope Adekambi had his face painted

But for kids in Araromi Community in Ajegunle, Childrens Day is just a normal day for them as they are usually at home and not engaged in anything new or special.

DFTS Logistics Manager Chukwudi Lazarus with a child

The plight of this children living in Araromi community ignited the collaboration between One African Child Foundation, Dreams from the slum initiative, Young Protégé Leadership Academy and Galaxy for Peace to bring about a change as it is believed that often time, the best way to help someone is just to be near them and this was the inspiration behind this organizations coming together to host a childrens day special time out with children living in the community.
DFTS Creative Director, Stephen Korede painting the face of a child

According to Victoria Ibiwoye, One African Child wanted to do something unique on childrens day and we thought about visiting a community slum, this inspired our collaboration with Dreams from the slum initiative and other partner organization to celebrate the day with the children as we ensure we infuse some values and morals that they should live with.

children pays rapt attention

“ The children have so much dreams and aspiration and one of the aims of the special childrens day time out is to make them believe that they can be whatever they set their mind to be,that’s why we teach children leadership through our protégé lead game which was also introduced to the children in Araromi Community… Akinnike Michael added.”

The children did not only experience what childrens day is all about through fun via various therapy but they also learnt how to show love and empathy to one another.

According to Isaac success, founder of Dreams from the slum ; we believe that in less than ten years time, Araromi Community will be a community to be recone with as we are on a process towards building the first library for the children.

DFTS Volunteer, Kawthar with a beneficiary

The fun time was proudly supported by Loveworld Internet Radio, Tobi Illuminious Oyedokun Photography, Project 3:16 Metro and Map Tv.
DFTS Founder Isaac success, Reassures a child

Every child matters and every child has a future

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

13years old orphan 'Lateef Bello' gets full Scholarship

On the 26th December, 2015, Lateef Bello heard about the Mega children’s party from @dreamsfromtheslum and was excited with the fact that there would be enough food and drinks for all. Lateef came for the event and was amazed to see over 6,000 children like him at the party.
Lateef captured dancing after he received his pack of food

The greatest part of the event for him was when he received a customized pack filled with food with assorted beef accompanied with a drink. This wasn’t the usual kind of party Lateef do attend or what he expected because it was beyond his imagination. This made lateef to invent his own dance step as he danced in jubilation. Thank God we had the CEO of MyPassionMylifeMedia (@OnyeUbanatu1) on stand-by as he captured the moment creatively and professionally as Lateef displayed his excitement.
It was this expression of Lateef that caught the attention of the leadership of Dream Project for Africa and they were interested in knowing more about Lateef, and seeing how they can be of aid to him. Lateef’s expression wasn’t normal no doubt, and that attracted much attention towards knowing the reasons for his action. Lateef is a boy who didn’t believe he would have such food all for himself and who hasn’t had to drink a bottle of mineral all by himself.

@dreamsfromtheslum team went ahead in search of Lateef in the nooks and crannies of Ifelodun Local Council and Ajeromi Local Government.

Isaac success and DFTS team finally found Lateef

When we finally found him, we discovered he is in primary 6; he lost his dad at age 5 and never knew his mother till date because she dumped him when he was given birth to, and was abandoned to be cared for by his grandmother. Lateef is without a father and a mother, and he lives with his grandmother. Lateef is quite intelligent but his education has been a great challenge not minding that he loves and craves for knowledge.

His dream is to become a medical doctor but he lost that because of the circumstance he found himself in as his grandmother and uncle proposed planned was for him to be a Mechanic ‘in training’ after primary six as the poverty cum hardship the family face couldn’t afford them his secondary school education.

Lateef received his scholarship letter from DPA CEO/founder

According to the CEO of Dream project of Africa, Nelson Oluwabukola Michael, “Yesterday, because of factors beyond Lateef’s control, Lateef became one among millions of Nigerian children sentenced to a future of uncertainty, hunger, nakedness, homelessness, violence, abuse, exposure to terrorism, sickness and untimely death. This was Lateef’s future as of yesterday. But today, Dream Project for Africa is rewriting Lateef’s story, by offering him a future that’s guaranteed to help him attain the highest limits of his God-given potentials. A future, where Lateef would have access to good food, good clothing, a good home, a feel of love and protection.
A future, which makes it possible for Lateef to play a major role in helping to rebuild this nation or even lead the nation as its president. “We are offering Lateef full sponsorship up to the University Level. This package also covers monthly feeding and clothing allowance.”, he added.
The Scholarship Letter to Lateef
Now Lateef’s dream of becoming a Medical Doctor has been ignited and a transition has occurred from a road side mechanic into being a Medical Doctor.
No doubt, children that maybe born in the slum also got valid dreams because the slum is not born in them.

Omoyele Isaac success (DFTS founder) specially appreciated the @dp4africa leadership for making this happen, and gave huge thanks to @dreamsfromtheslum team and volunteers for their selflessness to humanity in ensuring that every child is in school and learning.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

When women work, economy grow

Dreams from the slum initiative is committed in her approach in making the dreams and aspirations of children living in slums become a reality and this is achieved via three pronged approach "Education, Empowerment and Mentorship.

"Poverty is one of the reasons why alot of children are out of school and one way to curb this is by Empowering women" - Isaac success.

In honor of International Women's Day in 2015, we empowered two vulnerable women living in the slum, and within a year, we are inspired at the impact that our support has made in their life.

Enjoy the excerpt;

We met with MRS ADEOSUN FATIMOH, an hard working and energetic woman of five kids, who had a skill in bead making but had no tool to enable her make money from the business.
Mrs Adeosun Received voucher for her working tool
She tries so hard to fend for her family, but two of her kids were out of school because her source of income wasn’t strong enough.
Dreams from the slum initiative provided her with the tools she needed for her bead making business during International Womens Day in 2015.
Within a year, Mrs Adeosun Fatimoh makes a minimum of N3,000 on a weekly base, and she has been able to send two of her kids who were out of school back into school.
She is currently planning to purchase a lot of materials for her bead making business so she can stock them up for sales and make more money.
Now she enjoys her bead making job.

According to her,… ‘’Last year, that support help me a lot and I am grateful that you people came to my aid’’.

We also met with Mrs  Adekanbi Funke who is a mother of ten children few days after she lost her husband.
 She sells cooked noodles to people in the community but had serious issues with her stove which was licking beneath and this affected her sales cum profit. She had no money to get another stove so didn’t plan for it not until she met with Dreams from the slum initiative.
Mrs Adekanbi received her new cooking stove.

Knowing how difficult and demanding it is to cater for 10 children of which only 7 are in school while three others are out of school, Dreams from the slum initiative was inspired to meet the need by providing her with a two burner stove.

Mrs adekambi at work.

Within a year, Mrs Adekanbi Funke has been able to send her kids back to school because her daily profit increased by 100% after the donation of the stove.

We believe that supporting this women will help their children remain in school that is why dreams from the initiative is also committed to empowering women

When more women work, economies grow. An increase in female labour force participation—or a reduction in the gap between women’s and men’s labour force participation.

Would you like to sponsor the empowerment of women in remote and desolate communities slum?
Send us a mail

Monday, 7 March 2016

Girl child is susceptible to violence #RewritingTheCode

There is no place of complete refuge for a girl child; from familial structure, communal structure to societal values as well as government policies- the girl child is susceptible to violence.

  Despite legal measures that criminalise assault in any form, the spate of violence or assault against the girl child has all but abated.
The media is awash with heart wrenching stories of girls who have been abused or still going through abuse. Girls are traded as commodities across national borders to be put to use as prostitutes or slaves. Many girls are victimized before birth through prenatal sex selection and selective sex abortion. Furthermore, they face threat of sexual harassment and abuse in workplaces and learning institutions.

DFTS communications lead 'Belynda Naomi', Ayo and Grace(Beneficiaries) and Isaac success (founder)

As the world marks its international women’s day (#IWD), volunteers at Dreams from the Slum Initiative are #RewritingTheCode about the girl child. They are questioning and challenging every value or belief that prevents the girl child from reaching her full potential, they are telling the world that the girl child is more than a sexual object and she, like her male counterpart deserves the very best.

At Dreams from the Slum, we believe every girl child should be students not brides, not sex slaves, house helps or beggars. We believe educating the girl child is pivotal to a nation’s development because she grows up to become a mother and in turn train her children and consequently the society at large.

A wise man once said ‘train a boy and you train on person but train and girl and you have trained a nation’.
The importance of education in curbing abuse and violence against women cannot be overemphasised, there are even situations where girls going through abuse are not aware they are being abused. They have accepted the perverted practices against them as norm and such has become the only window through which they see the world. The girl child must be educated and individuals, corporate bodies and government must work towards achieving this goal.

Babatubde, DFTS Volunteer

Educating a girl child will not only help her recognise her rights, but will further empower her to fight for herself as well as other around her against abuse that might manifest around her. Empowering the girl child makes her self-dependent and would make her live without reliance on men or people who could hitherto take advantage of her. Empowerment saves her from poverty- poverty makes her more prone to abuse.
For these and several other reasons, we at Dreams from the Slums are rewriting the code and advocating for the education of the girl child.
Today, we pledge to #RewriteTheCode and invite you to join as so that education can be more accessible for the girl child.

Article by: Kawthar Babatunde